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Young Frankenstein: The Musical - Audition Information


UGA Theatre will be holding auditions for the Mel Brooks’ musical Young Frankenstein on Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19, 2018.

Auditions will be held in the Fine Arts Building from 5PM – 10PM both days.
Callbacks will be Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st.  

 The production will be directed by Professor George Contini with musical direction by Rachel Townes.

Rehearsals will begin February 4 on weeknight evenings and one day of the weekend TBD.

Performance dates: April 5-6, 10-13 @ 8PM, April 7 & 14 @ 2:30PM
There will also be a special matinee for area schools, date TBD.

To schedule an audition, visit the following link:

Please prepare two contrasting monologues not to exceed a combined total of three minutes (you will be stopped at 3 minutes).

For those interested in the musical, in addition to the monologues, prepare one of the songs from the show for the character for which you would like to be considered.   

You should prepare ONLY for the particular songs that we have listed below. You are not preparing the whole song, just the measures we have provided. The songs are listed next to the characters below. There may be more than one song listed for a character. Please choose one to sing at audition, although you may be asked to sing the other.  

Musical Director Rachel Townes has helpfully pre-recorded two tracks that you will need for the auditions: one is the piano accompaniment, while the other is the vocal line with the notes plucked out. These tracks are available for download at:

The associated sheet music can be downloaded here:

Prepare and present the song the same way you would prepare and present a monologue.

·      No need for dialects in the song.

·      Know who you are singing to, what do you want from them, where are you?

·      Be very familiar with the show and the movie Young Frankenstein

If called back you will be reading scenes from the show and will need to do the appropriate dialect (Cockney, German, etc.). 

We are casting for the following roles:
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein – Brilliant brain surgeon, professor, and grandson of the mad scientist Victor von Frankenstein. Leading man with a neurotic intensity.  

Vocal Range Top: G4  |  Vocal Range Bottom: Bb2

Prepare Songs: The Brain, Man About Town

The Monster – The misunderstood creation of Dr. Frankenstein. Physically commanding. Must be able to Tap Dance.   

Vocal Range Top: Bb4  |  Vocal Range Bottom: B=Db2

Prepare Song: Deep Love

Igor – Frederick’s eager servant with a hunchback. Cockney Dialect.

Vocal Range Top: G4  |  Vocal Range Bottom: Bb2

Prepare Songs: Together Again, Transylvania Mania

Inga – Frederick’s flirtatious and easily-distracted German assistant. Strong dancer. German dialect.

Vocal Range Top: A5  |  Vocal Range Bottom: G3

Prepare Songs: Roll in the Hay, Listen to Your Heart

Elizabeth Benning – Frederick’s spoiled, vain, and demanding fiancé

Vocal Range Top: F5  |  Vocal Range Bottom: F#3

Prepare: Don’t Touch Me, Surprise

Frau Blücher – Grim Housekeeper of the Frankenstein estate with many secrets. German dialect.

Vocal Range Top: C5  |  Vocal Range Bottom: E3

Prepare: He Vas My Boyfriend

Inspector Hans Kemp – The head of police in Transylvania. Driven by justice, with a wooden arm and leg. Way over-the-top German Dialect - almost unintelligible for comedic purposes.

Vocal Range Top: F4  |  Vocal Range Bottom: A2

Prepare: Send Me Someone

The Hermit – A lonely, blind village hermit, hoping for a friend. 

Vocal Range Top: F4  |  Vocal Range Bottom: Ab2

Prepare: Send Me Someone

Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein – A spirit of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein who haunts Frederick.

Vocal Range Top: F4  |  Vocal Range Bottom: C#2 

Prepare: Send Me Someone

Ensemble of 6 Men & 6 Women – Gravediggers, Villagers, Medical Students, Passengers, Mad Scientists, and Ziggy - The Village Idiot.

Prepare: One of the above songs that you feel bests demonstrates your vocal strengths.

UGA Theatre encourages all actors to audition for any role which they feel they can fully embody. Our department is committed to diversity and encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and physical abilities to attend our auditions. 

If you have any questions, please contact George Contini at