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Interview: Costume Designer Daniel Carter, "The Tall Girls"

MFA Costume Designer Daniel Carter with his “Tall Girls” renderings

MFA Costume Designer Daniel Carter with his “Tall Girls” renderings

Daniel Carter is a second-year MFA Costume Design student. This is his first time designing for UGA Theatre.

What inspired your design for this show?
I was inspired by researching women’s basketball teams during the time period. The Oklahoma Presbyterian College Cardinals really spoke to me. The modernity and sleekness of their uniforms really clued me in to the sexuality and practicality of a uniform in contrast to what girls were wearing in their “every day looks.”

What is your concept for this show?
The designs for this show were conceived together as a production team. In our first meeting, Pieri showed us an image of a horizon as a symbol of hope. I really locked onto that idea and tried to find the way the characters in this show found their version of hope in their life.

What is it like designing your first UGA Theatre show?
It is incredibly exciting. The team I get to work with for Tall Girls has been wonderful. We’ve really communicated well. I have such an wonderful studio making my designs come to life. I think the biggest reminder as a designer is everyone keeps coming up to me and asking me my thoughts on everything, from silhouettes to buttons. Every little detail tells a story.

Why do you think this play is important to today? What makes it relevant?
I think having UGA opening the season with a play written by a woman featuring a mostly female cast is very exciting.

The Tall Girls opens September 21st and runs through September 30th in the Cellar Theatre. Tickets are $16, $12 for students and can be purchased here.

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