Interview: Jordan Richey - "Young Frankenstein"

Jordan Richey is a fourth-year communication sciences and disorders major and music minor from Athens, GA. She is currently playing Inga in Young Frankenstein.

Jordan Richey as Inga in  Young Frankenstein

Jordan Richey as Inga in Young Frankenstein

Who is Inga to you?  
To me, Inga is a bright, silly young woman who is driven by wonder, curiosity, and desire.  While she might be a little handsy and maybe comes on too strong every now and then, she means no harm and acts genuinely and sincerely from all the love she has in her heart!

What are your favorite things about Inga? What are you least favorite things about her?  
One of my favorite things about Inga is that when she’s given the opportunity to be the damsel - which is like always in this show because so many insane and wacky things happen - she doesn’t opt for that! She’s actually almost always the one to console Dr. Frankenstein or Igor when something goes wrong instead of letting her emotions get the best of her. I also like that she doesn’t beat around the bush! She sees something that she wants and, damn, she goes and gets it! Sometimes,  I wish I were as confident as she is!

My least favorite thing about Inga? [Laughs] Maybe this isn’t necessarily about Inga, herself, but man, Lauren King (Frau Blucher), Sean Birkett (Frederick Frankenstein), and John Galas (Igor) - they are the three that I share the most stage time with - all do such an incredible job with their characters, and they make them so funny, so entertaining, so ridiculous, - and they all so effortlessly take these bits and jokes to the next level- that I, Inga, have a hard time not breaking during some of our scenes!

Tell me the truth: Have you seen the movie this show is based on?
Okay I will admit, I have not seen the WHOLE movie! I am the worst.  Don’t tell George! I have, however, watched tons of videos on Youtube from the original film, and I watched the full musical online as well!

In what ways is this musical adaptation different from the film? What should the audience expect?
The audience should definitely expect all of the original famous quotes and characters! The musical stays true to all of those ridiculous lines and wacky characters.  I think the musical, and specifically the vision that George had for this production, explores the characters in a different way. Every character that the audience will see is an over the top, vaudevillian, crazier, wilder version of the character than the film explores.

Why do you think this play is important to today? What makes it relevant?
I really do think that this is a show for everyone. Theater enthusiasts, people who have maybe never seen a show in their whole life, and everyone in between! So many shows nowadays are written not only to tell stories but also to bring awareness to certain issues to allow people to feel and resonate with the actors onstage. This show, however, I really do feel like it is just a big bucket of fun! It’s just a big bucket of laughter, smiles, and jokes that everyone can come to the theater, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.