Playwright: Peter Shaffer. Director: Professor Ray Paolino.
Approx. Runtime: 2 Hours  |  Location: Fine Arts Theatre
Dates: November 2-3, 7-9 @ 8PM, November 4 & 11 @ 2:30PM

The violent blinding of six horses is the incident that brings disillusioned psychiatrist Martin Dysart in contact with 17-year-old Alan Strang. Puzzled by what led the seemingly well-adjusted boy to commit such a horrifying crime, Dysart is forced to contend with his own beliefs, leading to a disturbing confrontation.

The closest I have seen a contemporary play come to reanimating the spirit of mystery that makes the stage a place of breathless discovery rather than a classroom for rational demonstration. Mr. Shaffer may have been trying for just such iconography, a portrait of the drives that lead men to crucify themselves there. Here I think he’s found it.
— New York Times